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Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter Concert

Well, it's going to be a little warmer in DC on Sunday with a high of 36 degrees. What a perfect day for a lovely outdoor music concert. It's like the middle of winter and a little bit cold for this sort of thing isn't it?
Not too cold for these arctic acts, Springsteen, Beyonce, Blige, U2. etc.
But these hambone stars, I guess they are accustomed to seeing the enthusiastic hordes out there cheering them on in all types of weather, rain, or shine, the show must go on and so why not the freezing cold? No doubt the stage will be heated in some way.
I guess no one is forcing the expected 500,000 to show up for this spectacle. People are funny, silly, and foolish. And we will never go broke underestimating their intelligence, or taste.
But this cold be a great new thing like Woodstock. After Woodstock people thought it was fun to be treated like cattle in a mass of fans unable to see the talent miles away. And it has been that way ever since (except now that they search everything it's a lot less fun since you can no longer bring your own entertainment, which you could in the old days).
And there is a lot more money to be made at one mass concert then at some tiny old-fashioned venue that only holds two or three thousand. Just pack 100 thousand into a football stadium.
So after this, maybe we can have big expensive mass outdoor shows in the dead of winter. The stars can have the heated stage and we can all jump up and down a lot to keep warm after the rent-a-cops at the gate have taken away our thermos of hot chocolate and our hot water bottles. What fun!

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