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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Fountain: About Time You See It!

Psst! Wanna see a really different movie in the format for which is was created?

Then I would suggest going out right now, this week and see if, you can find a movie screen that is still showing, Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain. It probably won't be there next week so don't delay. I want people to go out and pay the money rather than wait for the DVD for two reasons.
1. It is the type of movie that is highly visual and therefore best appreciated on the big screen.
2. It is the big budget work a cinema artist with vision and frankly it is tanking at the box office. He will most likely never get this kind of budget again. So I want anyone who cares at all, who maybe liked Pi or Requiem for a Dream, to lend their support.

And, hey, well, it's a damn interesting movie. It's one of a kind. Take it from a habitual movie theater wristwatch checker, it moves and is relentlessly interesting throughout the 96 minutes of film time. It is also not at all boring or a difficult film to understand as some of the negative reviews would imply. BTW: Not all the reviews have been negitive.
The bottom line is, it's a love story. And we all like love stories, don't we? It's also an adventure film, and a sort of what-if science fiction epic.
It is beautiful to look at and has good acting. It has Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weiss in it. I know who these people are but I have not seen them perform before. Well, maybe I saw a few minutes of Jackman pretending to be Peter Allen on TV. OK fine, but I saw Peter Allen perform once and, well, he's no Peter Allen. Anyway it doesn't matter he is fine in this and it is a fine movie and I think everyone should go see it so they give Darren Aronofsky more money so he can continue to make more bold crazy assed entertainments such as this and the rest of his stuff.
What can I say? I'm a Aronofsky fan, and more so after viewing The Fountain.

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