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Saturday, April 7, 2007


A movie directed by Isandro Alonso
2004, 82 minutes, 35mm. In Spanish with English subtitles.
Viewed at Anthology Film Archives New York.

A few thoughts from the experience of the movie:

Take a trip from prison. Leave the bars behind, leave the work in the prison factory behind. Head home.
The prison was rural, but a dense human habitat of activity compared to the destination. Sick of having to talk, to respond, get up when told, eat what is provided , work on command. It could have been worse, it was rather civil really, but too much so. But that was punishment enough. Not a man for civil, never was, not made to be so, just went through the motions. There was no choice in the matter. Back through time, back to what was before. These is less need for conversation now. There are few people met along the way, just a couple of simple transactions. A ride in a car, a ride on a woman, some bread, some candy for someone left behind long ago. How old is she now? Don't know what size she would wear?

No need to talk now.

There is a boat from the boat man. He says something about the brothers. What does he no. No need for discussion, gone.
Float, rowing, floating, back in the natural elements where all is provided for one who knows were to look and how a man lives. If a man knows how to borrow from the bees. They can make more. There are plenty of insects out here, all is provided for a human in his element. Room, time to breath. No rush, no clock, just to sun tracking across the sky. No time finally. It is easy to forget time. It's like the place before never existed. It had no effect. It was nothing, all crumbling anyway.
This is everything.

A boy. Tie it here. Walk over the hill.

A small child, the barest of shelters. No need for more out here, no possibility for more. We are not that kind. The fishing is good. As good as it always was. No music, but birds and the buzzing. Reaching to swat them away from the bare back.

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