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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Dream

I am in a class of some sort in a school. The teacher wants someone to read aloud a piece in a book he has. I get picked or volunteer. I approach the assignment with a spirit of optimism. The teacher wants us to learn to really express from the heart the feelings buried beneath the symbols of the text. I think of myself as sort of an actor, so I can surely do this. I am given the book and see that it is a sort of pictogram text, that it does not contain any words based on the alphabet. Actually it is a series of small berries of a variety that I don't really know. Is this one a blue berry? The berries have been pasted on the page in rows just as text normally would. What does it mean? I have no idea and the emotion of panic overcomes me as the class and teacher await my reading. I accidentally drop the book and find that the situation is even worse when I pick it up. The objects have come unglued from the page. They are now in different positions, or lost.
I wake up.

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